Health through textiles

There are many amongst us suffering as a result of the blanket exposure to radiation coming from cell phones and wifi, amongst other things. In most public spaces, in public building and in private homes wifi is deemed hassle free and modern, therefore essential. The frequency, 2.45 GHz, is the same as a microwave oven. Some people manifest symptoms but all of us are affected on a cellular level. There have been more than 1800 recent reports showing adverse effects to health, all documented on the Bioinitiative Report 2012. Heightened stress response, reduction in melatonin (vital for sweeping up free radicals), reduced blood brain barrier and cell proliferation; are a few of the notable side effects.

nois logo

Linda Row’s label Nois has been awarded an ‘Innovation Vouched’ to develop a unique yarn. Linda’s research has shown that certain minerals have protective qualities and can neutralise some harmful frequencies. Together with Queen Mary University in London, Linda is creating a yarn from biopolymer and minerals, which will be incorporated into woven textiles.

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