Christmas 2013

Our first exhibition as a Collective was a Christmas selling exhibition of seam members’ products and art works at 44AD in Bath, from 2-8 December 2013. seam members, past and present, who took part were:  Anna Glasbrook, Desiree Jeans (Goodall), Linda Row, Penny Seume, Lyn Snow, Tabitha Stewart, Penny Wheeler and Samon Yechi. Penny Wheeler also spent the week weaving with a rigid heddle in the gallery.

‘Colouring Mood’ final piece

“Very fun! I’ve found a new hobby”

As part of our exhibition, we invited our audience to take part in our open project Colouring Mood and simultaneously try out backstrap weaving using a rigid heddle. We asked participants to choose one or more colours that reflected their mood and to weave the colours on the rigid heddle loom (after being shown how). Each person’s work was delineated with a single woven line of white thread and they were also invited to leave comments about their involvement.

“Great! Loved doing the weaving, would like to try at home”

“I picked two colours…The process is fascinating I’m hooked!”

“Loved doing this – mesmerising process!!”

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