Perrier-Jouet Arts Salon Nomination

2015 got off to an exciting start for me as I learned that I’d been nominated for the Perrier-Jouet Arts Salon prize. The prize has only been running for a couple of years and previous winners were Laura Youngston Coll, who works with leather and vellum, and ceramicist Hitomi Hosono. The winner, announced mid-March, will receive a £10,000 prize to support their career development, a solo show at the CAA, an all-expenses paid trip to the Perrier-Jouet chateau which houses the largest collection of Art Nouveau in Europe plus [the important bit] a bottle of Perrier-Jouet champagne!

The concept of the Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon stems from the origins of the Salons in Paris from the mid-1700s, bringing together like-minded people under the roof of an inspiring host. In this spirit the Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon has two main aims. Firstly, the Salon brings together a diverse and dynamic body of people from the Arts in its broadest sense to share ideas and debate on developments in the Arts, a true meeting of minds. Secondly, the Salon supports the selection of an annual prize winner who receives a substantial sum to support him/her in the development of their career.

The Salon members are made up from eminent movers and shakers in British creative industries:

salon members

The judges will be looking for particular criteria when they make their choice. The aesthetics of the nominee’s work will best evoke a contemporary interpretation of the Art Nouveau movement. Their inspiration should come from natural forms and organic structures that are so intrinsic to the Art Nouveau era. Similarly a strong sense of craftsmanship and beauty should be at the heart of their work.

Anna Gravelle


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