Sharing our love of textiles

seam Collective created and continue to annually host the Instagram challenge #SeptTextileLove.

For each of the 30 days of September seam provide a different textile-related prompt for Instagrammers to interpret on their Instagram feed. The audience are free to respond to as many of the prompts as they wish. The only requirement is that they include the hashtag #SeptTextileLove so seam, and everyone else involved, can find, like, comment on, and share their posts.

#SeptTextileLove started in September 2017 and since then it has created a supportive Instagram textile community, with many participants returning year after year.

Thank you so much @seam_collective for such an exciting month of sharing and discovery!

What makes #SeptTextileLove standout is the feedback from seam, each day we choose three posts to highlight from the day’s prompt, and the interaction between participants, culminating in the last prompt which is always ‘Your favourite post from another participant’.

Thank you @seam_collective for a fab month of refreshingly different prompts and introducing me to loads of new and amazing accounts. 🙏

I have really really loved the challenge this year. Feels like finding the best tribe in the world.

When the thoughts from individual participants about a prompt are read together, conversations are created across the hashtag. seam has started to preserve some of these conversations in their blog, see A good conversation… about Textiles and Sustainability from #SeptTextileLove 2019 and Connections from #SeptTextileLove 2020.

The full list of prompts is released on the seam blog and Instagram page on 31 August each year. If you like planning ahead, subscribe to our newsletter to see the prompts a week earlier.

Read more on our blog.

Really enjoyed being part of this challenge. I was new to Instagram and its given me insight into how it works. Most importantly its  made me pull a lot of old work I love out and re-evaluate where it fits in my current practice.

Have also seen the work of some incredible people.

Thank you @seam_collective

Thank you to @seam_collective and to everyone who participated in this challenge. It’s been a wonderful month. I so appreciated this opportunity to meet this community, and to reflect upon my own work and, by extension, my life.

Instagram challenge prompt list

It’s been a wonderful month of fantastic posts – thank you @seam_collective 🙏🏻

As always, I’ve found marvellous new artists to follow, and have welcomed new followers into my stitchy sphere too.