seam are a contemporary textile collective based in Bath, England. We are emerging and established embroiderers, printers, knitters, weavers, dyers, fashion designers, eco-designers, makers, artists…

…who want to make textiles that are irresistible, and find their way onto your body, into your house and onto your walls. We share a commitment to pushing the boundaries of our craft and making high quality objects realised in the hands and thoughts of the maker. We hope to make a sustainable living from textiles, work locally and bring textiles into contemporary focus.

seam is about:

  • coming together and supporting each other by sharing knowledge, holding regular creative reviews, and finding ways to work, both individually and collaboratively,
  • focusing on local opportunities, local production and forging local bonds, and
  • sharing our best work and our love of textiles through group exhibitions.

The founding members, Desiree Jeans (Goodall), Linda Row, Tabitha Stewart and Penny Wheeler, started meeting in late 2012, shortly after they graduated with an MA Design (Textiles) from Bath Spa University. They missed the collective and total immersion in textiles. The group worked well together, wanted to continue, got ambitious and so seam was created.

Founding members of seam at the Green Park Brasserie, Bath.
Founding members of seam at the Green Park Brasserie, Bath.

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