A Visible THREAD

seam textile collective has been selected to exhibit at The Andrew Brownsword Gallery as part of a new experimental, open submission arts programme in partnership with The Holburne Museum. The collective will be in residence 25 March-23 April as they use the gallery as a test space to explore ideas for their upcoming touring exhibition A Visible THREAD, due to open in November 2022.

Through this research residency the artists aim to challenge one another and their audiences to experiment, rethink their relationships to thread, investigate its materiality, possibilities and limitations, take part and play. The gallery will be transformed into a lively, welcoming, dynamic and thought-provoking incubator, which will change over time.

The seam artists taking part in this residency, covering a diverse range of textile disciplines, are: Angie Parker, Desiree Jeans, Gill Hewitt, Helen MacRitchie, Jane Colquhoun, Joy Merron, Julie Heaton, Lou Baker, Lydia Needle, Nina Gronw-Lewis, Oliver Bliss and Penny Wheeler.