New Designers 2014: Part 1

New Designers is held annually at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London. It showcases emerging graduates from Universities all over the UK. Part 1 running between 25-28 June, showing design disciplines from Textiles, Fashion and Accessories, Contemporary Applied Arts (Ceramics and Glass), Jewellery and Precious Metalwork.

Part 2, 2-5 July, showing, Visual Communications (Graphic Design & Illustration), Furniture and Product Design (Spatial and Industrial Design), Motion Arts and Theatre Design.

Joy Merron, Sam Onyechi, and myself (Llio James) were showing as a part of the Bath Spa University stand for Part 1. Joy and Sam graduated last year and I was showing work in progress, as I’m in the final few months of my MA. The MA Design: Fashion and Textiles were showing together with MA: Ceramics, this collaboration of showing two mediums in one stand was great. The collaboration between the two courses worked well, attracting a different audience.

Sam was showing a collection of his melted plastic bowls alongside his lampshades. The colourful bowls catching everybody’s eye, as well as a seal of approval from John Lewis.

Joy’s laser cut panels, hand stitched onto a fine netting base, looked as if it was designed to fit its space. The six layers sat closely creating a very intense panel, from a distance looking solid, but as you edged closer you could see the delicate layers.

I was a showing a range of hand-woven samples as well as paper designs. The hand-woven samples were all made of lambswool with the intention of creating products for interiors. A few of my designs are currently being produced in a mill in Wales. This is a very exciting time of year for me, and talking to passers by to hear feedback is something that will push me along in my final few months.

The show attracts people from all areas in the textile industry, as well as people who are interested in young designers emerging from Universities. It was great to be a part of a special event, booming with energy and enthusiastic students. The centre was bursting with new ideas and many people commenting that it’s hard to see all in one day.

Fellow seam member Anna Gravelle is showing in Part 2, so if you’re in London do head over to the Design Centre to see her work.

Llio James

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