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Timeout for Textiles

Textiles have always been a major part of my life and my go to for stress release and escapism from life’s problems.  I was therefore very surprised to find myself gradually turning my back on needle-punching […]

The humble teabag as art

During lockdown I turned to teabags as an easy source of materials to stitch into, and so began my tea quest – you never know where an initial thought and idea can go. The journey […]

Thanks to the kingfisher!

Back in October 2019, Elaine Lewis invited me to join her in creating a bespoke interior for the new Severn Hospice.  It all began with a colour palette, which was developed from an amazing kingfisher […]

Textiles and drugs

Art and science were never subjects that coexisted in my Scottish school curriculum. I chose chemistry. But a change of country and language turned out to be just the chance to rethink my career […]

Connections III

Our conversation from #SeptTextileLove 2020 about connections continues from Connections I and II. This final post expands to connections to place, our environment and the world and the rich history of textiles […]


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