Lou Baker

Lou Baker has recently completed an MA in Fine Art at Bath Spa University, combining her lifelong love of knitting and stitch with newly acquired skills in casting and metalwork. Some aspects of her practice investigate the transformation of materials through meditative processes and ‘sloppy craft’, some focus on facilitating participation through social engagement and, increasingly, some are performative.

Her work makes public things that are normally private, provoking a range of conflicting responses – attraction, repulsion, horror and hilarity. She explores the ambiguous spaces between a number of binaries – self/other, embodiment/disembodiment, presence/absence, comfort/discomfort, and, ultimately, life and death.

Lou completed a BA in Drawing and Applied Arts at UWE, Bristol in 2015. She loves to exhibit and make connections, and is especially interested in installing her art in unexpected places.

Website: loubakerartist.co.uk
Instagram: @loubakerartist