More seam introductions

Hopefully one thing you will notice when you stumble across seam, is that work by seam members is all very different.  We encompass the whole spectrum of textile production from the hand-made, traditional, artisan skills to contemporary sculpture and cutting edge digital design. We are linked by a commitment to pushing the boundaries of our craft, and making high quality objects where the hands and thoughts of the maker are very much in evidence.

seam members design and make clothing, soft furnishings and home accessories, and artwork and sculpture for interiors and the outside.  Our hope is to make textiles that are irresistible and thoughtful, and that will somehow find their way on to your body, your home and on your walls.

Introducing the rest of our members … Anna Glasbrook, Joy Merron, Penny Seume, Lyn Snow and Samon Yechi.  To see more work by our members, click on ‘members’ on the menu above.

Anna Glasbrook 'Chelsea Flower Show Homebase Garden'
Anna Glasbrook ‘Chelsea Flower Show Homebase Garden’
Joy Merron 'Polymorphic Dynamic'
Joy Merron ‘Polymorphic Dynamic’
Penny Seume  'Vagabond Shoes' award-winning velvet sofa
Penny Seume ‘Vagabond Shoes’ award-winning velvet sofa
Lyn Snow 'Loop and Cross' cushions
Lyn Snow ‘Loop and Cross’ cushions
Samon Yechi handmade plastic lampshade
Samon Yechi handmade plastic lampshade

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