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It’s funny how the less time I have available for creative work, the more I’m able to do.  Maybe it’s just that I’m more organised and plan everything when the pressure is on.  I think it’s also the fact that if I’m restricted from doing something it often makes me want to do it more.  That’s why I’m working on quite a variety of different projects at the moment.

Faces in a Crowd

‘Faces in a Crowd’ is a celebration of the rich multicultural society in Britain today.  This is the latest in an ongoing project of a series of portraits.

Artwork is developed in layers from a palette of fibres and fabrics, with each individual piece being assembled in a painterly way before being blended together using the needle punch machine.

Gill Hewitt ‘Faces in a Crowd 3’ 45 x 45cm

Colourful Abstracts

I’ve been working on a number of pieces taking inspiration for my colour palette from birds.  Below is ‘Kingfisher’ with layers of blues and bright flashes of fluorescent orange.

Gill Hewitt, Kingfisher, 45 x 45cm

 St Ives

The natural landscape, light, art and architecture of St Ives continues to inspire me. Below is ‘Seascape’ (top left)  highlighting the beautiful effect of the light on the sea.  The other photographs are details of this seascape.

62999171-624D-4D4C-8BA7-68C7055CF8E3 2
Gill Hewitt ‘Seascape’ (top left) 45 x 45cm and details St Ives

I make regular visits to the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden and always take my camera.  I love the natural materials, the strength and contrast of the curved shapes and the textures and colours that change with the light.  Below is a collage of cropped images of curves I photographed there.  I have been working in my sketchbook on ‘Curves’ and experimenting with different ways of achieving a strong curve with the needle punch.

Details from Barbara Hepworth’s Sculpture Garden.   Photos Gill Hewitt.


Please come along to our exhibition in May:

Stroud International Textiles (SIT) Trail 2018, 5/6 May 2018 and 12/13 May 2018, Victoria Works Studios, London Rd, Chalford, Gloucestershire, GL6 8HN

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