shiftWorks to Chicago

From their first tentative steps into the public domain in Yeovil, the shift dresses have travelled the length and breadth of England and have now crossed the Atlantic to the USA.

This was all made possible with a grant from the Global Academy for Liberal Arts (GALA) Outreach Fund from Bath Spa University. After some frantic packing and emailing, the collection was on its way to Chicago to be exhibited in Columbia College’s showcase windows on South Michigan Avenue, just down the road from Anish Kapoor’s famous ‘Cloud Gate’ sculpture in Millennium Park.

Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate in Millenium Park

The staff at Columbia College were incredibly helpful in making this happen and the students were great in assisting with the installation and it all went smoothly.

Once set up, I was free to spend some time with the students and explore the windy city and its treasures.

Columbia College display windows at night time

A whirlwind of meetings, lunches, outings and galleries and it was soon time to head back, leaving the exhibition there for an extended stay.  The response to the display was excellent and feedback from staff, students and visitors to the College was very positive.

A view from inside Columbia College

This has been a great final show for the dresses as we reach the end of this fantastic project.

Stonehenge cookies

I even found some Druid Circle cookies to make me feel at home!

Joy Merron