ColourCODED Feb 2016


Twelve months ago three Bristol makers, Stu Low (Glass), Ruth Broadway (Print) and myself, put into action our plan to exhibit together at Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

With colour and shape as a starting point we spent time in each other’s studios, learning elements of each other’s crafts. We drew on these skill sharing sessions and group discussions to produce a bold new collection of work.


For the rugs I continue to be influenced by Bristol graffiti when it comes to colour and have used a Scandinavian 3 shaft rug weaving technique called Krokbragd to produce this collection. Elements of Ruth’s distinctive mark making, patterns from traditional stained glass, bar codes and Bridget Riley have all fed into these designs. Needless to say, after only six months making I’ve yet to exhaust any of these themes and look forward to developing them further in future work.


The weft faced weaving technique is a fabulous way to play with colour. Its name translates to ‘crooked path’, rather like the winding career path I’ve followed (a career in costume for theatre and T.V. preceded setting up my practice). The Norwegian origins of this technique were instrumental in choosing names for the rugs, Fryktlos (Fearless), Sikrede (Assured) and Modig (Brave) seem fitting for this flamboyant collection of floorart.


The exhibition runs at Devon Guild of Craftsmen until Monday 29 February. On Wednesday 17 February I will be demonstrating the techniques I’ve used on a sample loom 10.00 am – 12.30 pm, and hosting a weaving workshop 1.30 – 4.30 pm.


‘Line Up’, an exhibition of contemporary craft styled for the home and curated by Sania Pell is also running in the main gallery. Two excellent reasons to visit Devon Guild this February – see you there!

Angie Parker