Deadlines and decisions…

I tried to keep to the recommended time allowance when turning my indulgent handwoven fabric into a shift dress. (1 day). Cutting into the fabric had been my biggest concern from the onset. I still wasn’t entirely how the structure of the weave would be effected when cut, as my samples had been on a smaller scale.

APT 06 shiftWorks
I really like the reverse of this design too.

APT 05 shiftWorks

I bonded the textile with iron on bond-a-web before machine stitching two rows of zig-zag just inside the cut line.

APT 07 shiftWorks

And then I cut it up….Clearly too stressed to record the moment!

Machining the dress together presented new challenges. Matching the stripes was more of a problem than I had factored for.

I used the wrong zip initially, so swapped this for an invisible one.

And here is the finished dress….