Lacing and Making the Shift Dress

The making has begun! It’s taken a while to lace up all the pattern pieces but I have finally been able to cut the patterns out! I had to make four panels for the shift dress and have a seam down the front of the dress due to how large I could make each panel.


I’ve used an industrial sewing machine to sew the pieces together due to the thickness of my fabric and have used lovely red toggles for the fastening at the back of the dress. I have made the dress so it can be fastened up using loops from the laces that attach to the toggles.


As I have woven through plastic, I have been able to turn and press back the armholes and hem of the dress using an iron. I was a little bit worried about how well the finish on the armholes would come out but thankfully they came out fine!


It’s been a really fun journey getting to this point, now roll on the exhibitions! Will I see you there? I sure hope so!