All that glitters…..

There is something very satisfying about finishing an overambitious task. In hindsight, I was a fool to contemplate 46 hours weaving (4cm per hour) for this dress. However the desire to create this luxurious textile was too great for common sense to intervene.

I selected hand dyed chenilles from a previous project. Also gold and iridescent glitter yarns, lurex and mercerized cottons for extra sheen. Turquoise will be the accent colour.

Chenilles, glitter yarns, mercerized cottons.

The weft-faced fabric is going to be much heavier than usual dress weight materials and the chunky seams will be problematic. For the neckline I will create a decorative trim from glitter piping to disguise the bulge.

photo 1
Glitter piping for decorative neckline.

Cutting the weave is my biggest concern as it unravels instantly. However, stitching two rows of zig-zag on these samples is sufficient reinforcement.

photo 2
zig-zagging the weave before cutting to control unraveling.

Like the fabric, my time on the loom for this project was luxurious. I managed to free myself from my usual daily distractions for 75% of the weaving process. This enabled me to loose myself in the repetitive process and let the design flow instinctively. I repeated the pattern in reverse from the centre point to leave the option of matching the dress front and back.

IMG_7305Long, intense sessions in the studio have left me with an achy back and almost 2m of exquisite cloth to transform into my shift dress….

photo 2

photo 1