Floating Paradigm

Joy Merron’s work ‘Floating Paradigm’ was recently used in the  Priddy Folk Festival to enhance the main performance area in Swildons Marquee,  and the dance stage in Eastwater Marquee .

She was invited by Belinda Brownlee, who was Artistic Director of the Festival for the first time this year.  Although actively involved in previous festivals, this was Belinda’s first time as Artistic Director for the event and she was delighted with the results.

Swildons setup
The stage is set ready for the Festival
Eastwater tent
Dappled light from sunlight on the trees outside enhance ‘Floating Paradigm’ in Eastwater Marquee

Lighting engineer Ricardo da Fonseca really enjoyed playing around with the colours to set the floating panels alive.

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The effect was amazing and created a magical environment to compliment the music.

Were you there?  Did you see them?  What did you think?

Joy Merron