delving deeper and making connections

Having made my initial research into how I can use found and discarded plastics, I’ve shifted my sights to investigate other materials that may work well.  I’m interested in how we became used to so many disposable products and how so many caught on but some didn’t.  For example, the paper dress made a brief appearance in the 60s and provides a fantastic canvas for bold prints. The V&A have some lovely examples of printed paper dresses made by Dispo from 1967: a blue and green art-deco style print and one with silver and khaki swirls.

My own work combines paper and cutting so I’m looking at how this may connect and develop. I’m fascinated by the shadow patterns made by sunlight and their intangibility, how they change and alter surfaces and materials.


Positive and negative patterns from the shadows of willow leaves on a pathway and sunlight through cut paper.

Joy Merron