Rose Quartz

Studies of Rose Quartz
Studies of Rose Quartz

According to John Otte, inventor of time-lapse photography, we need full spectrum sunlight to be at our best, so I take every opportunity to follow his advice, working outside.

I am interested in the fragile nature of the pencilled image and intend to capture a drawing using eco-resin. The use of wax for imagery, inspired by Henry Moore’s waxed textile designs, will use rose quartz. Working on the theme of protection, I have chosen to use rose quartz which, amongst other things, can neutralise geomagnetic stress – frequencies that come to the surface of the Earth due to a variety of factors; one such being underground streams (dark streams). The frequencies can be in the microwave region so are known to have a detrimental effect, especially if you are sleeping over them. Rose quartz placed under your bed can alleviate symptoms and returning to the sun, crystals can be cleansed by placing them in the sun.

Wax drawings inspired by Henry Moore's textiles designs.
Wax drawings inspired by Henry Moore’s textiles designsLinda Row Wax 2 Seam
Painting with madder.
Painting with madder
Silk organza painted with wax and natural dyes.
Silk organza painted with wax and natural dyes

My shiftWorks dress will take inspiration from rose quartz and this will also be integrated into the garment.

Linda Row