Earlier this month seam held its first Annual General Meeting (AGM).  As we expect the collective to be an ongoing, functioning entity… we decided to do things right from the start.

Aside from the standard reports presented at an AGM, we also:

  • Reviewed and updated our constitution
  • Assessed applications from prospective members
  • Elected officers for the forthcoming year

The updates made to our constitution were minor; refinement rather than radical change.  This shows that we had a clear goal in mind when we set up the collective, and we were able to realise that.  As the collective grows and changes over the future, we are well placed to adapt and flex with our members’ needs.

We received five applications from potential new members, and we approved two new members.  The two key themes that arose were around how contemporary the work was, and that the work was of a textile discipline.

The collective elected the following officers for the year:

  • Chairperson; Penny Wheeler
  • Secretary; Anna Gravelle
  • Treasurer; Llio James
  • Marketing Officer; Desiree Goodall

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