Light and Shadow, Langport

Mayumi Kaneko and I (Joy Merron) have been privileged to be the first to curate a full exhibition at the recently opened For Every Cloud gallery in Langport, founded by Donna Vale.  Our exhibition is Light and Shadow, our aim for the exhibition is to convey the subtleties of light and shadow through a variety of mediums.

Langport is full of surprises and has a great supportive community. I have been delighted at the response and really positive feedback from so many. Flood alerts are still in operation and Muchelney remains an island but the creative and ‘can do’ attitude is very much in evidence. The Private View was in full swing while the banks of the River Parratt creaked and strained behind sandbags and few were daunted and came in good numbers.

As time goes by, the changing and shifting light in the gallery enhances the work and gives it a different dimension and perspective throughout the day.

Joy Merron ‘Polymorphic Dynamic’

Mayumi’s woven paper fibre lamps look stunning in the setting and throw soft light onto the diaphanous layered and cut hanging Polymorphic Dynamic inspired by Japanese architect Hiroshi Hara.

Mayumi Kaneko ‘Rasen’ hand-woven paper yarn fabric lamp
Mayumi Kaneko ‘Hana’ hand-woven paper yarn fabric lamp

Also on display is a prototype for a commission for the Bristol Breast Care Centre, part of the new Southmead Hospital complex: the complete piece, Sylvan Drift is due to be installed in late May. Constructed from laser cut dichroic Plexiglas, it represents a woodland canopy. In the gallery, it’s suspended over the stairwell, casting colourful shadows on the walls and ceiling.

To sum up, here are a couple of quotes following the opening night.

“Great night, stunning exhibition…” Peter Roberts

“You should be so proud that you have brought such art and culture to Langport…” John Rice Lewis

In all, it has been a delight to start 2014 in a new venue with such positivity.

Do come along, the show is on until Saturday 8 February 2014 at For Every Cloud Art Gallery, Bow Street, Langport TA10 7PR.


Joy Merron ‘Sylvan Drift’ Bristol Breast Care Centre, Southmead Hospital commission
Joy Merron ‘Polymorphic Dynamic’
The Private View at the ‘For Every Cloud’ Gallery

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