Exhibition open project – colouring mood

We invited everyone who came along to the exhibition to take part by weaving on a rigid heddle that I had set up as a backstrap loom with a neutral, grey, paper yarn.  The title of this open project is colouring mood, and the instructions were:

“Please choose one or more colours that reflect your mood now, and weave them on the rigid heddle. Ask one of our members in the gallery to show you how.  At the end of your piece, please weave one line of white and leave your name, email address and any comments on the page below.”

As you can see in the previous post, Exhibition highlights, there was a great variety of colours to choose from on the cones of silk and paper yarns decorating the gallery (hand-dyed by me); there was also a little lurex, natural linen, and some brightly coloured wool very kindly donated by Kirsten Glasbrook.

We all enjoyed having making in the gallery (quite a few from seam had a go) and introducing new people to weaving.  As you will see from the comments below, it was a resounding success and we are considering having something similar in every exhibition.


Tabitha starting off the project
Tabitha starting off the project – the rigid heddle is the yellow, comb-like tool.  The weaver becomes part of the loom; the warp yarn is tied to a stick which is then tied around your waist/back – hence backstrap loom.
Dan concentrating hard!
Dan concentrating hard!  In the picture you can see how the rigid heddle forms a gap or shed in the warp yarn (the gap is formed on both sides of the rigid heddle). The wooden stick shuttle, containing the weft, is put through the gap/shed nearest the weaver.
Dan weaving with the rigid heddle - detail
Dan weaving with the rigid heddle – detail.  The rigid heddle is also used to beat the weft yarn into place.

Names of participating artists  from the top of the weave in the photograph below, down; with their comments:

Brandon Quentin-Hicks – Very fun! I’ve found a new hobby! (8/12/13)
Laura Jones – Thanks Penny, lots of fun – I want to try this at home (8/12/13)
Penny Seume – Liked choosing the colours, really difficult remembering which way to hold heddle (up or down) (8/12/13)
Daniel Rushforth – Learning is fantastic!!! (7/12/13)
Rebecca Graaff – Great! Loved doing the weaving, would like to try at home. (7/12/13)
Esme Kitama – Very fun! (7/12/13)
Carol Stone – I picked two colours…The process is fascinating I’m hooked! (6/12/13)
Pat Toplis – Influenced by cool sunshine outside.  Lovely to do. (6/12/13)
Alison Harper – Thank you Penny, loved doing this – mesmerising process!! (5/12/13)
Tabitha Stewart – Calmly happy thank you (5/12/13)
Tabitha Stewart – Still revoltingly cheerful (4/12/13)
Michael Jackson – It was very hard to do. (4/12/13)
Lyn Snow – This is my sort of weaving (no counting!). (3/12/13)
Linda Row – Overloaded (3/12/13)
Tabitha Stewart – I was very cheerful today (3/12/13)

131220 seamOpenProject_0016_edited-2_470pxw
Colouring mood, the final piece after the six days of our exhibition.

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