Introducing seam …

… you can’t make textiles without engaging with other people” – Mary Schoeser speaking at TextileMatters: Collections

Hello!  We are seam, a contemporary textile collective based in and around Bath, England.   seam is all about engaging with other people; supporting each other, sharing our work through exhibitions and this blog, and being a part of the local community.

We are an eclectic mix of emerging printers, embroiderers, knitters, weavers, dyers, fashion designers, eco-designers, makers, and artists… Inspired by the Brunel Broderers and the 62 Group, we started meeting in 2012.  We found that we worked well together, we wanted to continue, we got ambitious and so seam was created.

So without further ado, let us introduce you to work by our founding members:  Desiree Goodall, Linda Row, Tabitha Stewart and Penny Wheeler. To see more work by our members, click on ‘members’ on the menu above.

Desiree Goodall
Desiree Goodall
Linda Row Catwalk
Linda Row Catwalk
Tabitha Stewart 'Elephant Beetles'
Tabitha Stewart ‘Elephant Beetles’
Penny Wheeler 'Border'
Penny Wheeler ‘Border’


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