#SeptTextileLove 2019 prompts!

The #SeptTextileLove Instagram Challenge starts tomorrow!

We are excited to share the full list of prompts with you here, and over on the seam Instagram account. We also have a pdf planner for you to download, if you like to be organised.

The daily prompts are about sharing a different aspect of your love of textiles each day. You can respond to as many of the prompts as you wish – the only requirement is that you include the hashtag #SeptTextileLove so we, and everyone else taking part, can find, like, comment on and share your posts!

Anyone who’s interested in textiles can take part, whether you’re a textiles enthusiast, student, maker, professional or artist – we want to see your textile love on social media during September.

We love how everyone interprets the prompts differently and really creatively. This year we have added in some prompts that could be about sustainability in our textile practices; damage/repair, unravelling, sustainable, and found. Like a lot of people this year, we have been thinking about how we can make our practices more sustainable and make less of an impact on the earth. Textiles can be so beautiful when they are worn and repaired – I am thinking of Japanese Boro textiles and the current trend of visible mending.

We have also included pairs of opposites – damage/repair, cute and gritty, controlled and uncontrolled. Textiles can often be an escape from the harsh realities of life – we all love cute textiles, perhaps something soft and cuddly, but what about our opposite to cute, gritty? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and sometime grit and decay can be breathtaking; or have you needed courage and resolve to get the end of your project? We are also hoping that controlled and uncontrolled will have interesting interpretations … a lot of textiles can be restrained and controlled through our making processes – just to stop our threads getting in a tangle! When can you break free and be uncontrolled?

We can’t wait to see how you interpret our prompts during #SeptTextileLove! Let us know what you think of the prompts and if you are having trouble interpreting any of them. What prompts would you like to see next year?

Download the prompts or PDF planner and join us! We look forward to sharing your love of textiles.