Under Your Feet: The Contemporary Rug

WAVE rug by Angie Parker. Photo: Article Studio

seam collective member Angie Parker is delighted to be showcasing her exquisite handwoven rugs in Under Your Feet: The Contemporary Rug at the Ruthin Craft Centre, an exhibition celebrating some of the best contemporary crafted rugs designed in the UK and Ireland.

Angie is one of the 19 selected exhibitors and also one of the few designers in the show to hand weave her own designs. Her distinctive and intricate Krokbragd rugs combine contemporary patterns with her instinctive and daring approach to colour.

Angie Parker at the loom. Photo: Jo Hounsome Photography
WAVE rug on the loom in Angie’s Bristol Studio.

Angie weaves a limited number of rugs each year in her Bristol studio and accepts commissions from lovers of colour who are looking for a bespoke piece of floor art for their interior.

Angie Parker. Fryktlos. Photo: Yeshen Venema

Rugs defy definition. They might be craft, interior design, product design or textile art. A rug is a large presence within a room. It brings texture, colour, design and wit to an interior, where it will focus the eye and comfort the feet. Depending on the rug, it might pull together an overall interior aesthetic, or provide a significant visual exclamation point for an otherwise quiet room.

Some rugs are entirely made by designer makers. Sometimes design and production are separated out. This exhibition will showcase both types of rug; but for the latter the curators have chosen rugs whose ethical production methods are declared at source.

Helen Yardley. Force

Kate Blee Cast (for Christopher Farr)

This exhibition is a timely reminder that underfoot, or on a wall, rugs remain as vibrant and relevant as any other craft medium. And the curators have chosen to use the word ‘rug’ (instead of ‘carpet’) as they feel it talks to craft production and the smaller domestic setting in a way that ‘carpet’ doesn’t.

Makers in the exhibition are: Lesley Barnes, Kate Blee for Christopher Farr, Claire Gaudion, Adam Higton, Irene Infantes for Christopher Farr, Tania Johnson, Andrew Ludick for Ceadogán Rugs, Ptolemy Mann Rugs, Mourne Textiles, Patricia Murphy for Ceadogán Rugs, Alan Oliver, Angie Parker, Eleanor Pritchard for CASE, Rachel Scott, Margo Selby, Helen Steele for Ceadogán Rugs, Gunta Stölzl by Christopher Farr, Collett Zarzycki for Christopher Farr, Helen Yardley.

Margo Selby. Logan

The exhibition Under Your Feet: The Contemporary Rug runs from 6th April to 14th July 2019 at Ruthin Craft Centre, Park Road, Ruthin LL15 1BB, Wales. This exhibition will spread out before you a stunning selection of the best rugs by the best makers working today.