#SeptTextileLove is back!

After the success of our initial Instagram challenge last year, we’re doing it again!

We met so many great textile enthusiasts in the first challenge and would love to engage with even more this year. September is the perfect time to do this as everyone is invigorated after the summer break, maybe with a few new goals and aspirations if you associate this time of year with the start of the academic year.

#SeptTextileLove teaser image by Kate Bond

If you’re new to the #SeptTextileLove challenge, it’s all about engaging with other textile makers, designers, artists and enthusiasts, and sharing our collective love of textiles. There are 30 prompts, one for each day in September, and we use the hashtag #SeptTextileLove to share posts on Instagram. You can respond to as many of the prompts as you wish, this could be only a few or it may be all of them. The only requirement is that you include the hashtag #SeptTextileLove so we can find, like, comment on and share your posts!

#SeptTextileLove teaser image by Gill Hewitt

The full list of prompts will be shared here on the seam blog on 31 August, but if you’d like to receive them a week earlier (for those organised people out there who might like to plan their posts a little in advance) sign up to receive the seam newsletter. The full list of prompts is shared with our newsletter subscribers as an exclusive preview so they can get a bit of a head start. The seam newsletter is sent quarterly and includes details of where you can see members’ work, upcoming exhibitions and opportunities to be involved.

We look forward to engaging with old and new friends during the #SeptTextileLove challenge and sharing our love of all things textiles.