Developing the idea – designing memoryShift sequins

I am designing a set of “pairs” cards, for my memoryShift dress to use as sequins, using my own unique technique, digital appliqué (combining patterned textiles and images digitally; inspired by real patchwork and appliqué), to illustrate 100 cards (50 pairs….).  I will place the cards randomly around the dress so that the game can be played when the dress is worn.

The images are of book illustrations, 1960’s advertising and minutia from my childhood, the process is very time consuming, but enables me to use fabrics that I love that also have memories in my images. Below are just a few of the images. They will be eco printed at The back of each image will have a 1960’s feel fabric design, inspired by Missoni and Pucci.

memoryShift card back
memoryShift card back

The second part of the development stage is trying out various methods of attaching these ‘sequins’ to the dress, so that they can be turned over and detached, enabling people to actually play the memory pairs game.  The mannequin has arrived, and I have the dress pattern, so I feel very excited and also slightly daunted by the amount of work that still needs doing…..

If you have any ideas or images that recall the 60’s to you, let me have your suggestions.

Tabitha Stewart