The sampling begins …

I like to create simple patterns. I think it has something to do with my African background and my love for simple deign like block print. So when I explore a new avenue, I try to look at it in its simplest form.

I decided that I wanted to introduce fabrics into my plastics and am now working my way through samples by combining the two by the use of weave. I’ve started by using strips of torn fabric and have been just weaving forwards and back with varied colours. I haven’t thought about where I want to go with colour so have been trying bright and muted ideas to see what I think works best.

I love the roughness of the torn edges and how the different colours integrate with each other. You also get a nice tassel at the bottom that has given my ideas for how I might finish off edges, hems etc. with these loose finishes.

Sam Onyechi Blog 2f Seam

After trying a few different combinations out, I came to the opinion that the brighter, more contrasting samples work better and the subtler fabrics seem to just get lost in each other. What do you think?

Samon Yechi