How does funding make a difference?

Arts Council England logo We knew that we had a great idea with shiftWorks and with funding we have put together a coherent and professional package that gives us the space to explore our work and give something back in the form of workshops for young people.  We have been wonderfully successful with a grant of £15,000 from Arts Council England, small grants from South Somerset District Council and  SAW, and hope to receive more from applications in progress.

Funding makes a difference by:

  1. giving our textile makers/designers the space to explore and develop new work.  Nine studio days for each artist involved paid at a fair rate.
  2. enabling us to offer workshops to inspire young people and the community.  We are donating our time to develop a set of workshops exploring textile techniques used by our textile artists/designers, collaboration and shift dresses.
  3. helping us to present a more comprehensive and professional exhibition.  Collaborating with the public in our favourite shift dress project bringing to light the history of the shift dress, and how it was/is worn. Being able to afford mannequins to display our final shift dresses.

SSDC_SAW_logos_72pxhLocal support for textile artists/designers/makers

Funding gets us one step closer to realising one of seam’s aims and objectives; helping to make the local business environment become a sustainable place to earn a living as a textile artist/designer/maker.

The further we move on from finishing our MAs the more some of our ideals of working as textile designers and makers are compromised by the need to make a living wage.  Most members of seam collective have a part-time job to make ends meet, and everyone is finding themselves time-poor and having to make tough decisions about their priorities. Working collaboratively is a great way to refresh our ideas but could be seen as a luxury without fair payment.  The existence of the a-n AIR paying artists campaign has been a huge support.

Has funding made a difference to you?

Penny Wheeler