Block Printing with Natural Dyes

Natural Dyes 1

Printing with natural dyes is not easy, since most colours need heat to become fast. Traditionally dyestuffs can be left to season for weeks before washing out. But as ‘time is of the essence’ Linda has used a technique that is still being practiced today in West Africa; namely Korhogo printing. This is a process that involves dyeing cloth with plants containing tannin and painting onto this iron rich mud, to produce striking black designs. Iron will ‘sadden’ the colour of any dyestuff that contains tannin, by altering the pH level.

In the first of a series of workshops, Linda demonstrates this technique and offers the opportunity to create a unique design, using logwood, weld and madder.

The art of natural dyeing can employ extremely toxic materials but, as a sustainable designer, Linda uses only alum as a mordant.

Natural Dyes 2

Further information about these workshops can be at:

Linda Row

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