Kate Bond

Kate Bond is a designer of digital murals, glazing manifestations, artwork, printed fabrics and products. Most of her recent work has been for Healthcare settings specialising in large scale digital murals and glazing designs. She often works collaboratively with other seam members or with Elaine Lewis to create holistic interior design schemes which follow the biophillic principles of ‘bringing the outside in’. Her aim is to always create a calm and relaxing interior to promote wellbeing.

Kate’s BA was in Jewellery and Silversmithing and her MA was in Fashion and Textiles. During her training and career her designs have been recognised in international exhibitions and commissions: most recently her clients include Nina Campbell, Willis Newson, Brownsword Hotels, the NHS, together with other private clients.

Website: katebond.co.uk
Instagram: @katebondsurfacedesign
Twitter: @katebonddesign