Anna Glasbrook

Stitching between transparent surfaces, Anna Glasbrook creates striking, vibrant three-dimensional ‘drawings’ in space. Suitable for wall hanging or as screens, panels and space dividers, these can be freestanding artworks or incorporated into the fabric of the building, indoors and out. Her bespoke designs transform spaces, from small domestic ideas to large site-specific architectural commissions, always pushing the boundaries of textiles.

Born in London, the daughter of a Danish tapestry weaver, Anna is heavily influenced by the Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetic. Never without a camera, her inspiration comes from the photographs she takes of the urban and rural environment, translating light, surface and colour into her work. These images are her sketchbook. Details such as the rivulets on a beach, the ends of a stack of cut timber or the shadow of a fence on the ground are typical starting points for her work.

Instagram: @annaglasbrook